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Ghost Tracker Adventures was designed to follow the top Paranormal groups in the US to share some of their amazing encounters. I like everyone else was thrilled when all the paranormal shows appeared on TV. So I like many joined a ghost group of my own: to my surprise I was hooked after the first investigation. I witnessed more in one night than I did from any of the shows currently on TV, and I have to say I could not believe how amazing these experience were. So two years later I feel that many do not get to see what really happens on many real investigations. So through live taping and great interviews I hope we can bring you closer to some incredible events.


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We just posted all the info to our Super Haunted Weekend!!!!!! hope you like it, we worked hard on bringing our fans the best possible investigation opportunity ever!!!!

July 25th 2012Tickets now availble for Aug 10th and 11th!!!! See Below!June 28th 2012We wanted to make it right for the people that stood behind us! It took some hard planning but we hope we have secured a weekend of fun that will stay with you forever!!!!! thanks BradleyOption 1. August 10th Investigate the Green Cove Springs Courthouse 8pm-12am (maybe later) cost $63Option 2. Haunted Bed and breakfast with Private Seance 1AM till - ? Includes Room with 3 people, Seance and Breakfast ( Limited to 12 tickets) Cost $128Option 3. August 11th Free BBQ at Spring Park on the St. Johns River 4pm -7pmOption 4. August 11th Investigation of Green Cove Springs Jailhouse 8pm - 12am (maybe later) cost $63Do one are all three- remember tickets are limited to the investigations and extremely limited for the overnight seance- so email me at to reserve your spot- they won't last very long I can assure you :) Last time we had over 170 people sign up and that was just to a haunted park- these bildings are loaded with stories-May 20th 2012UPDATEUPDATE: Living Social is on top of this. We have been in touch with them this morning. They will be sending all a flash email from them stating that the event was cancelled and will be postponed. Those of you who will not be able to attend and would prefer a refund will get that through Living Social and those of you who can reschedule will be given the opportunity to do so also. We will be working closely with them to make sure that our costumers are happy. Big Thank you for all the support we have received from our costumers. And a big thanks to Living Social for handling this so quickly.May 19th 2012URGENTTrust me no one is more sorry than us... we intended for everyone to have an amazing night at this location like we have done before several times- we just found out that there was someone hurt on the property this week and this is the reason for not allowing us to carry out our simple investigation- we are working overnight to come up with an alternative for Saturday and Sunday - we have talked to many of you to reschedule a new place to be investigated very soon- those of you who want a refund, and we understand completely as we are not scammers and just wanted to have a great investigation . We will carry on with all the rest of our investigations to educate the public on the paranormal- Again we are sorry but we all know we are not the first event that is ever been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control- We have several exclusive investigations upcoming and will give the voucher holders first come first serve since there is only about 25 people allowed per investigation - as for refunds please be patient as we have not received anything from Living Social to date. We have left them emails regarding this situation and are awaiting their response. We hope to have this resolved quickly with either refunds or a different location. We would appreciate all to email this address and let us know who would like another attempt on a great hunt or if you would like a refund so we can take care of this asap- thank you for your patience and kindness for those who were at the Friday event- We will make it right! thank you, Bradley and JeannieMay 13th 2012SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTR.I.P Hunters will be joining us for the May 18th,19th and 20th Tour Dates- They have been featured on Fox news and are one of the top national teams in the US-We are happy to have them and you will learn a lot from them- Drop by their website and say Hello- www.riphunters.comApril 10th 2012Scheduled for May 18th,19th and 20th - Taping for Ghost Tv Show- Be in it! See info below! March 2nd 2012Future taping with the Orlando RIP Hunters of Orlando--- You wont believe some of the events they have captured on video and EVP...March 1st 2012Ghost Tracker Adventures gears up for some awesome field investigationsFeburary 25th 2012Taking applications for new upcoming episodes- hurry spots are filling fast!!!Feburary 25th 2012




Shows are being taped as we speak! We have some great ones coming up featuring Ghost Groups around the country! R.I.P Hunterswww.riphunters.comNext Up: Ghost Girls from California Paranormal Investigators of New England (PI-NE) http://www.pinewengland.orgGoing to be some great interviews and some great footage,evps and awesome stories from these groups to share with you!

Please be advised we are no relation to Ghost Tracker TV in any way -we are Ghost Tracker Adventures taping shows for possible TV Show-

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